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Seeking to buy and operate one exceptional business for the long term


The name Spica ("spai-kuh") is derived from the Latin word for “ear of wheat”. In Greek mythology, Spica was associated with Demeter, the Goddess of harvest, and symbolised nurture and prosperity.  

Spica Capital’s mission is to help one business owner “harvest” a successful exit that meets their needs and desired timeline.

After the transition, we will step into a full-time operating role, ensuring continuity of the business and the team, and will roll up our sleeves to grow the company for the long term.

One Focus,
One Company

Spica Capital’s mission is to help one founder “harvest” a desired exit while securing their legacy.

We will ensure the continuity of their legacy, employees and customers and lead their business to the next horizon of growth

In Latin, Spica (“spai-kuh”) means “ear of wheat” and symbolizes success and prosperity  

My Story

Ada Shelegova, Founder & Principal

Dear Business Owner,

I founded Spica Capital with one goal in mind – to acquire and operate one great American company.

In my ~15-year professional career in finance and strategy, I advised businesses of all sizes – from global Fortune 500 companies to small mom & pop shops. What I learned from that experience is that there is no greater privilege than working with and learning from entrepreneurs and founders.

Having grown up in a family of an entrepreneur, I have deep appreciation for the amount of courage, sacrifice and relentless hard work it takes to build a business.

At the age of 21, I took on a venture of my own, leaving my hometown in Eastern Siberia and immigrating to the United States, to pursue my American Dream. Building a career from scratch in a foreign country with little English and no connections was an extremely humbling experience, which taught me real hustle, perseverance and the importance of a long term vision.

Aspired to manage a business one day, like my mother, I’ve dedicated the last ~5 years to working with small businesses as an investor and M&A advisor. Getting an inside look into the fast-paced yet rewarding life of a business founder inspired me to leave career in finance and become an operator, following my passion for leading teams and building a long-lasting legacy.

Selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and I know firsthand the many aspects and challenges of getting that decision right.

Let's connect to see if I can be the right partner for you.


Our Committment

We value down to earth, honest conversations. As a seller of your business, you will be interacting directly with the Spica Capital's founder - a passionate and motivated entrepreneur. Not a corporate team.

Exclusive Focus

Your business will be Spica Capital’s sole investment.

Unlike traditional investors, who invest in multiple businesses for short-term returns, we are committed to growing and investing in your business for the long term.

To do that, we will relocate to your community upon close and dedicate 100% of our time to operating.

Ease of Transaction

We know that selling a business is a very personal decision and it can be complex, rewarding and emotional all at the same time.

We will work with you to structure a transaction that meets your unique goals.

Our funding comes from investors with proven track records in investing and growing small businesses, so our process is fast, simple and professional.

People First

Your business isn’t just an investment for us. Our founder made a personal decision to leave a lucrative career to pursue her passion for business operations and leading teams.

It is her personal goal to build and maintain strong relationships with all stakeholders of the business and to ensure that employees who helped built the organization are flourishing alongside the company.

Investment Criteria

While we prefer businesses with the following characteristics, we are excited to get to know your company and see if there is a potential fit

Main service
• B2B services, tech-enabled services and software

• Mission-critical nature of the product/service

• Large and growing serviceable market

• Loyal and diverse customer base

• Profitable, with stable operating history of 5+ years

Main service
• $1.5M+ in profits for services

• $2.5M+ in annual recurring revenue for software

Main service
• Motivated seller seeking to retire, reduce day-to-day involvement or transition into a new role

• Looking to sell a majority stake in the business

• Strong interest in the continued success of business and employees

Our Process

We pride ourselves on a hands-on, collaborative approach and are excited to meet with you in person as early as the first conversation. 100% confidentiality guaranteed.

Intro Call – 30 minutes

We get to know each other, learn more about your business and see if there is good mutual fit

Sign NDA & Initial Offer – 48 hours

If there is a fit, we sign an NDA and get basic financial information to discuss preliminary valuation and potential structure 

Letter of Intent ("LOI") – 2 weeks

If there is interest to move forward, we submit an LOI that discusses price and key terms of potential transaction

Due Diligence – 60 – 90 days

If LOI is signed, we work with our advisors to complete a deep dive on your company and finalize legal documentation

Deal Closed

Purchase agreement is signed, the funds are wired into your account.

Funding Partners & Advisors

Spica Capital is backed by a diverse team of established executives, seasoned operators and institutional investors, who have extensive experience in partnering with and growing small businesses.

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